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In a recent survey 90 percent of IT managers and staff said they've seen a massive increase in cyber attacks over the last year. Every business that is connected to the internet needs to have security tools in place to protect themselves. All it takes is one security breach to literally cost your company millions.

A business firewall is one of the first lines of defense when it comes to protecting your organization from online threats and cyber criminals. The type of firewall that best suits you depends on the size of your business and your budget. Software based solutions can be best for small businesses while hardware is best for medium and large.

A downside is both firewall solutions can be difficult to understand and set up. This can be especially so for small or medium-sized businesses who generally do not have the huge budgets and on-staff IT personnel to help or implement. 

This is where Computer Concepts can help. We get an overview of your business and cyber security weaknesses and discuss the best options for you when it comes to cost efficient firewall protection. Once that happens we take care of all the firewall setup and configuration so your business is protected!

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