Let's face it.  The amount of electronic data that your business generates each year is probably staggering.  Does your disaster recovery plan include some provision for that electronic data?  Have you tested it recently?  Do you know that it will be reliable in the event that you need it?  It's not a matter of "if" you're going to have a disaster some day; it's a matter of "when", "what type", and "how long" before your systems are back up and running.

If you're in need of a backup solution for your business, Computer Concepts has the answer.  Our ByteBack service can simplify your backup strategy, while still providing you with the assurances you need to be able to sleep at night, knowing that your data is secure "when" disaster strikes.  Unlike a lot of our competitors, we don’t resell someone else’s online backup solution.  We spent a significant amount of time and effort setting up our own solution, with our own customized backup client, and our own storage servers.  All data is encrypted, both in transit, and while it is stored on our servers.  You can also sleep better at night, knowing that your data is safely stored in our data center here in Lafayette, not half way across the country in some unknown location.

For more information about ByteBack Pro, or to subscribe to our service, please call our office at 337-234-6610.