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Servers & Desktop Computers
   Lenovo TD100
Computer Concepts offers business class server and desktop computer solutions from HP and Lenovo.  On occasion, we will also build a custom system in the event that a feasible solution cannot be found in the HP or Lenovo lineup of computers.  We have found those instances to be few and far between.  It is our belief that a customer is better served with  a system that is backed by a major manufacturer with a worldwide presence, than a small computer company that may not be in business in three years, given the state of rapid changes in both technology and the US economy.  We made this decision approximately eight years ago, and we feel that it has served both us and our customers well.

Some of the advantages of these business class systems when compared to whitebox systems or ‘off the shelf’ solutions from the large electronics retailers include longer manufacturer warranties, onsite hardware repair services, and optional upgrades to the manufacturer standard warranty terms.  Other advantages include the availability of preinstalled software, including Microsoft Office in one of its many flavors, the ability to continue to purchase machines preinstalled with Microsoft Windows XP Professional (for a limited time), and a broader range of hardware options.  All of this comes to you at very reasonable prices.  Buying a business class system can actually result in cost savings when compared to the true costs of getting an off the shelf product configured properly for business use.

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