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Security, Data Protection, & Remote Access

Security is a broad concept that encompasses many different areas including edge protection, internal firewalls, malware protection, system updates, backups, and proper authentication.  Each organization’s needs will be different, and it’s important to have someone with adequate skills to ensure that your company’s data is safe and secure.  Computer Concepts takes great pride in offering security systems based on Cisco hardware.  Over the years, we have tried solutions from other vendors, and in the end, we have always come back to Cisco because of their reliability and best in class support when you need it.  There is a definite reason that Cisco has been, and continues to be, the number 1 provider of equipment for Internet providers.

Computer Concepts uses Symantec Backup Exec software as the core of its data protection offerings.  From small organizations running a single Windows Small Business Server, to large organizations running multiple servers running different operating systems, Backup Exec is able to scale to meet your needs.  Used in conjunction with tape, removable hard drives, or offsite storage, Backup Exec can ensure that your data is securely backed up and ready to restore in the event of some disaster.  During Hurricane Katrina, one of our customers had the misfortune of having their Windows Small Business Server being located next to the one window that blew out on their floor of the building.  Needless to say, the server was history, but they had good backups, and we were able to have them up and running within a few hours of getting them a new server.  While each disaster recovery situation will be unique, you can rest easy at night knowing that your data is secure.

For those of you wanting to securely connect to your office computer, or maybe wanting to connect multiple offices, Computer Concepts offers proven VPN solutions using Cisco equipment.  Computer Concepts has years of experience implementing VPN solutions, and literally has hundreds of Cisco boxes out in the field enabling our customers to have remote access to their offices on a daily basis.  In addition, these solutions are the basis for our being able to provide your office with remote administration services, which provides a much better support experience for you and your staff when you need it.

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